Deborah Vojik

Director Bikram Yoga Mid Atlantic
Graduated Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2006, Practicing Yoga Since 2000

“I want to be able to feel fully self expressed. The only time I truly feel like this is when I am teaching this yoga and helping people. I want to be able to share this feeling with as many individuals as possible. I want to mentor new students, develop talent, and recommend teacher training to those who feel compelled to express themselves through this yoga as I do. But most importantly I want to help people to feel better, let them know it’s never too late; let them experience the possibility for themselves.”

Debbie Vojik is a life-long Baltimore resident. She studied nursing at The University of Maryland at Baltimore, and has been practicing nurse since 1993. Her clinical specialty is Neonatal/ Pediatric Intensive care, but she has, in the past worked at all levels of ICU care. Debbie began practicing yoga consistently  in 1999.

She took her first Bikram yoga class on August 21, 2005 and was immediately sold on the practice. She signed up for the intro week special and attended class everyday that week. She was astounded  by the physical changes, internal and external, that were occurring and wanted to be able to share this with as many people as possible. She saw the potential benefits as endless in a population where we tend to be more reactive than proactive.

To integrate herself into this yoga community, she dedicated two evenings a week to cleaning the studio and, in return, was able to practice for free. The yoga helped her stay balanced and focused. By the end of the first month doing the yoga she knew she needed to teach this transforming practice. She registered for the spring teacher training in January 2006, and attended the training from April until June of that year. Upon graduating she began teaching part time, while continuing her full time job as a registered nurse in the insurance industry.

Teaching the yoga provided Debbie with a way to give back to the world. She felt the need to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and she knew that teaching this yoga would be her vehicle. Over the past six years of teaching this transforming practice she has noticed so many changes in those she teaches, as well as herself. She is truly happy when she is sharing this practice with others and is able to help them to see the possibilities the practice avails, and ultimately to achieve their individual optimum well being, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

After years of teaching for others, receiving strong mentorship from her friend and colleague Sarah Ittman Leite, studying the true dialogue, and revisiting the Bikram yoga  teacher trainings as the staff nurse, she felt ready to embark on the adventure of being a studio owner and director.

In her spare time Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband Doug, gardening, and playing with her dogs Phoebe, Phelps, and Oliver.


Lauren Kaye

Graduated Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2011, Practicing Since 2010
“In November 2010 with my Groupon in hand, I stepped into my first Bikram Yoga class. I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. Bikram Yoga has changed everything for me! When I found the yoga I discovered something that I loved, something that I felt passionate about. I learned to be more connected to myself, work for my own happiness, and gain the control back in my life!

“With the help of moderate diet and a consistent yoga practice I lost 100 pounds. I even compete now with USA Yoga and placed in the Maryland Regional Yoga Asana Championships.

“I’m proud to be a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to inspire others in the way that I’ve been inspired!”


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